Delve deep into the animal kingdom on Gulf Shores real estate. Guests of the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo can learn all about the world’s creatures. Open every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., visitors find their favorite creatures from lions and tigers to snakes and birds with all the regions of the globe represented. Proud of their smaller size this little zoo stays true to a mission of introducing the world of animals to the human population one small group at a time.

From A to Z Animals Call Gulf Shores Home.

Patrons get up close and personal during animal interactions and special events. Dreams come true for many as they actually get to spend some one on one time with their favorite critter including bouncing kangaroos, sleepy sloths, comical lemurs and reptiles big and small. Unlike larger zoos across the nation these once in a lifetime opportunities are inexpensive and do not require advanced reservations. Keeper talks and shows highlight different species on the grounds providing insight into their individual characteristics.

Hop on into the Kangaroo Encounter. Red Kangaroos love to make friends of all ages and kids as young as ten years of age will be jumping for joy as they attend with their parents. In the enclosure baby kangaroos are ready to be held and snuggled while older ones bounce about. Sloths may be lazy but they love to be admired and fawned over. In the Sloth Encounter say hello to Sid and Sylvia. Find out what they eat, how long they sleep and what they do for fun. True opposites of their neighboring sloths, the lemurs are energetically on the move. Red Ruffed and Black and White Lemurs make their Gulf Shores home in the Lemur Playhouse. These charismatic characters climb the walls, sneak into laps and chase one another around gleefully. Nearby, moms and grandmothers may want to bow out of walking through the Reptile Garden. Here slimy and slippery beings large and small maneuver around in the open.

Children are our future and wildlife will depend upon them to keep safe and thriving on Gulf Shores real estate and far beyond. Educational programs introduce the importance of conservation to regional youth. Outreach programs bring animal ambassadors such as colorful parrots, wise old owls, camouflaging snakes and wild cats out of the zoo landscape. Teachable moments make an impression and may create lifelong love and devotion to species that rely on human kindness. Membership to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo helps support those in its care. Unlimited admission and special events are just some of the perks members enjoy!